Why Should We Move Our VMware Applications Off-premises? [Video]

WebinarBlogShotEven with all of the gains in scalability that the cloud can bring to on-premises workloads, there are questions you should ask before beginning any migration. We recently published a Cloud Migration Guide to assist companies at the evaluation stage of making such a migration, and just last week, Skytap cloud solution architect Ralph Capasso took an even deeper dive with a webinar on the same topic.

In this webinar, Ralph shows how a cloud migration of VMware vSphere applications, in particular, can offer advantages for a variety of use cases, including development sandboxes, on-demand QA/Test environments, Sales demos, proof of concept, and technical training.

We hope you enjoy this presentation, and if you have any questions after viewing, feel free to contact us directly, or even take Skytap out for a free 30-day trial with no credit card required to get started!

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