Compelling Reasons for IT to Improve Efficiency through DevOps

If IT is measured by operational efficiency, and changing business demands are too much for existing infrastructure and systems to support, how does IT go from maintaining those systems to modernizing them with digital transformations? For many, a DevOps culture and practices—combined with cloud technologies—is the key to getting there, but a lack of one clear path to DevOps success leaves some wondering if DevOps is right for them, where to start, and how to scale adoption.

Sanjeev Sharma, CTO DevOps Adoption, IBM

Sanjeev Sharma, CTO of DevOps adoption at IBM, sat down with us for a conversation about the difference between “tactical” and “strategic” reasons to move to DevOps in the latest episode of The Skytap Podcast. We discuss how nobody is, “Uber-proof” and how being able to avoid having legacy or traditional systems become a drag on innovation is mandatory with the pace of business today. “Everyone needs to innovate,” says Sharma. “So many enterprises’ IT budgets are primarily consumed by ‘run and maintain’ and DevOps allows you to optimize cost efficiencies, quality, speed—whatever your need is.”

We also discuss the inspiration Sanjeev’s latest book, The DevOps Adoption Playbook, and what technologies help enable DevOps success.

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