Conversations at IBM Innovate

The Skytap team was at IBM Innovate last week—IBM’s premier networking and educational event for IT and engineering professionals engaged in all aspects of product development and software delivery. Just before the conference, we announced our Ready for Rational certification with the availability of the Skytap Automation Pack for IBM Rational Concert.

Over the course of the week, we had some great conversations with IT professionals from a number of companies. Here are highlights from a couple of those conversations:​

People wanted to understand the main benefits of the integration

The Skytap Automation Pack for IBM RTC is valuable for development and test teams as well as IT/IO professionals, and there are distinct benefits for each.

Software development teams can:​

  • Deploy self-service build environments in 60 seconds
  • Auto-scale build machines on demand
  • Share complete and consistent build environments across team

IT/IO pros can:​

  • Integrate existing on-premise IBM RTC Server environments seamlessly
  • Empower end-user teams to easily spin up, run, and tear down complete environments with out IT management
  • Maintain complete visibility and control

People also wondered about the benefits of giving up an on-premise solution

Cloud resources have proven to reduce software delivery cycles. The Skytap Automation Pack for Rational Team Concert extends the ability for continuous delivery and continuous integration, accelerating time to market for new software products.

If you’d like to discuss the Automation Pack for IBM Rational Concert or see a demo of our newest integration, feel free to contact us.​

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