Customer Success Series: Informatica’s Scalable Stellar Customer Experience

We’re presenting a collection of stories on the awesome gains in scalability and efficiency, and reductions in costs and constraints that our customers shared with us at our recent Customer Advisory Board meeting. Informatica senior manager of global education services, Alex Gurevich quickly pointed out one of our favorite qualities of Skytap—that the benefits and value of our Environments as a Service are realized very quickly:

The most important thing that really caught our eye in the beginning is that we can integrate with our learning management system and fire off labs that would be available to students within two to three minutes from the point of registration.

informatica-logoBefore using Skytap’s virtual training labs, Informatica dealt with a number of bottlenecks and other constraints around “traditional” training offerings. Provisioning deliveries of custom hardware for self-paced virtual training would take anywhere between eight and sixteen hours, which negatively impacted both the customer experience and that of instructors.

But since moving their training offerings to Skytap, Informatica’s training managers can now provision virtual labs and classrooms in minutes—eliminating both the costs and frequent inaccessibility of their previous offerings. On top of that, Skytap’s API and simple UI have allowed Informatica to integrate their existing learning management system and custom training portals without requiring time-consuming configuration rewrites.

See the full case study on Informatica’s seamless virtual lab access that they provide to developers, instructors, and students alike, and how this has led to an improved customer experience!

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