Don’t skip ahead to tomorrow’s tech before solving today’s modernization challenges

The tech industry has “thought leadership syndrome.” It’s a culture so intent on pontificating that we end up jumping to the “next big thing” before we ever master the current thing.

Take containers as a prime example. We haven’t even come close to mainstream container adoption, in large part, because there are still so many unanswered questions: When are containers best applied? How will containers be monitored? How will they be secured? How will this change how developers and ops teams work together? But despite these real problems that remain on the ground, the conversation has already moved on. Hype around serverless has officially reached fever pitch, as vendors and press claim serverless computing is “here.”

The same discrepancy — between actual implementation and the dialogue around it — is playing out in the cloud. While surveys are touting cloud’s ubiquity and think pieces are philosophizing that “the cloud computing era is nearing its end,” the reality is: enterprises don’t have cloud figured out, as they continue to struggle with complexity, confusion, and skills challenges.

So instead of racing ten steps ahead — to fog, to edge, to quantum — let’s pause and get practical. We want to help you navigate and master the path you’re currently on – not the one you’ll be on a decade from now, but the path that will actually take you there. Check out our new guide, “From Monolithic to Modern – It’s a Journey not a Sprint”, for tips on evaluating your traditional application portfolio, and advice on formulating an actionable, iterative modernization strategy.

Let’s stop theorizing about the cloud, and commit to actually making it work.

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