Dr. Dobb’s Webinar – Cloud-Enabled ALM: Continuous Integration and Automated Testing

Enterprises today are looking for ways to accelerate their rate of innovation, increase revenues, and lower the costs of software development and delivery. Agile development and testing methodologies are increasingly being adopted as a central means to accelerate the delivery of new software products to market. To support this, many application lifecycle management (ALM) products are being upgraded—or designed from scratch—to support the Agile development and delivery model.

For many companies, this means adapting to continuous integration—the practice of frequently integrating new or changed code with the existing code repository so that there is no intervening window between code commit and build, and so that no errors arise without developers noticing them and correcting them immediately. Continuous integration represents the ultimate model for modern software application development and testing. And cloud computing, with its inherent characteristics of elasticity, scale, self-service, and on-demand automation, is increasingly being adopted as a way to realize the full potential of Agile development and to move toward a model of continuous integration.

But a key question remains: How can developers and testers use their current, preferred ALM tools and processes while seamlessly integrating on-premise and cloud infrastructure to achieve sustained increases in speed, agility, and team productivity?

In an upcoming Dr. Dobb’s Webinar, Sumit Mehrotra, Director of Product Management for Skytap, will walk through cloud-enabled ALM with continuous integration and automated testing for today’s enterprise development teams.​

Date: Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Time: 10:00 AM PT / 1:00 PM ET

Duration: 60 minutes

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