Environments-as-a-Service “Essential” for Enterprise Dev & Test

DevOps may still be in relative infancy, and current DevOps definitions may vary wildly, but one thing that all agree is essential to its success is automating manual steps throughout the SDLC that fail to add business value or software quality.

We’ve been working with analyst Jason Bloomberg to help us paint a picture of how Skytap’s Environments-as-a-Service (EaaS) greatly assist enterprise development and test teams with their DevOps initiatives.

Jason recently put together his thoughts and advice for those looking to scale DevOps within their organizations, and Skytap’s EaaS play an essential role in tackling that challenge. For access to this strategy, with no forms to fill out, please click here!


Join Jason Bloomberg and Paul Farrall, Skytap’s VP of Operations, on May 12th at 11 am PT/2 pm ET for what should be an awesome webinar: “Career Relevance in the DevOps Age.” Jason and Paul will outline a few paths IT leaders and technical experts take to remain in high demand, and will then open the floor for questions. Register now!

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