IBM Offers $500 Free Credit for New Skytap on IBM Cloud Users

IBM is now offering a $500 credit to new users of Skytap on IBM Cloud, allowing organizations to try out our service for free and see how moving traditional application to the cloud can accelerate innovation.

For instance, this $500 credit is enough to create an application environment with up to 44GB of RAM and 2 TB of storage and run it for four weeks. That’s plenty of time to test out many potential use cases, such as:

  • Running the application in the cloud and evaluating performance.
  • Creating a disaster recovery site in the cloud and conducting DR testing.
  • Creating an application environment in the cloud for development and test teams to see how easily they can access environments and how self-service environments can accelerate the software development lifecycle.

Purpose-built to run traditional systems in the cloud

Companies are embracing the cloud to increase speed to market, operationalize platform costs, and enable greater flexibility. But many core systems that are the bedrock of our transactional life have been built on the IBM Power platform: Linux, AIX, and IBM i. Skytap on IBM Cloud is the only cloud service that allows users to bring those IBM Power workloads — along with x86 and containers — into a single environment that can be migrated, managed, and modernized.

Skytap on IBM Cloud allows users to move entire Power and mixed platform applications to the cloud unchanged, maintaining their network connectivity, data, and full configurations. Skytap’s extensible application environments are compatible with on-premises data centers, simplifying migration and providing teams self-service access to develop, deploy, and accelerate innovation for even the most complex applications.

Skytap on IBM Cloud allows IBM Power users to quickly migrate to the cloud, employ DevOps practices, and solidify disaster recovery plans.

  • Cloud migration: Data center consolidation/closure, operationalizing platform costs, an impending hardware refresh, and the need to be agile are just some of the reasons that clients are migrating to cloud. Skytap on IBM Cloud allows users to move workloads to the cloud without the cost and risk associated with re-platforming or refactoring. There is no need to delay value realization — entire environments can be provisioned self-service with a single click of a button and be ready for use within minutes, without high maintenance scripting or last mile configuration.
  • Disaster recovery (DR): How solid is your disaster recovery strategy? Skytap on IBM Cloud is an ideal DR platform — applications do not have to be modified, there is no need to buy an exact set of duplicate hardware in another location, and users are not restricted to the sizing options provided by a hardware solution. This is especially important for businesses with solutions in the small to medium range.
  • DevOps: The ability to spin up and shut down any environment versions within minutes in a self-service manner is game-changing for user’s software development lifecycle. The ability to clone and rapidly update environments enables true parallel development and more rapid defect elimination. Skytap on IBM Cloud is API-driven and can leverage existing Continuous Integration toolchains. Build, test, and deploy applications faster, with lower costs and higher quality.

Terms and Conditions

The $500 USD credit is available for use over 90 days. Once 90 days has passed, the credit will expire, and all costs are the responsibility of the user. Any costs incurred beyond the $500 USD credit prior to the 90-day expiration will also be the responsibility of the user. There is no obligation to continue with the usage of this offer once it expires.

How to Redeem

  1. Login or create your IBM Cloud Account. (Note: Be sure your account is upgraded to either a pay-as-you-go or subscription account before proceeding).
  2. Within your account, click Manage and select Billing & Usage from the drop-down list.
  3. Select Promotions, enter the code SKYTAP1, then click Apply.

You’re all set to start provisioning your Skytap on IBM Cloud virtual environment.

Learn more about how to ensure that traditional power applications are part of the organization’s cloud journey, or read more about the $500 credit on IBM’s blog.






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