Introducing Linux on Power in Skytap Cloud

This past October we delivered general availability of AIX on Power in Skytap Cloud, making us the first and only cloud supporting AIX. Today we’re excited to announce availability of Linux on Power running in Skytap Cloud, which further expands our capabilities for modernizing traditional applications.

Leading IT analysts and our enterprise customers agree — application modernization is a top priority that is critical to succeeding in our digital economy. Now, customers can easily migrate both AIX and Linux on Power workloads to Skytap Cloud unchanged, jumpstarting modernization initiatives without risking business operations. This new capability also gives customers a potential route for replatforming legacy AIX or x86 applications to Linux on Power.

IBM Power Systems continues to push the physical and virtual boundaries of data center technology. Its performance, security, and stability benchmarks are all well beyond industry standards, and by using Skytap Cloud for Linux on Power workloads, customers will gain self-service, on-demand access to these benefits unencumbered by physical resource and traditional procurement limitations of on-premises data centers.

Skytap Cloud supports enterprise versions of Redhat, Ubuntu & Suse running on Power, so customers can easily run Linux workloads – including Apache, PHP, and enterprise resource planning applications – in Skytap Cloud, where they can modernize the technology and processes used to create and enhance these applications. Skytap Cloud integrates traditional application functionality with cloud-native services from other providers, so customers can use the right tool for the right job without locking into a single platform.

Learn more by contacting one of our cloud experts, get started with a trial account, and move, modernize & monetize your Power workloads in the Skytap Cloud.

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