LogiGear Provides Early Look at Better Test Design & Skytap Partnership

Skytap thrives on partnering with our friends in the software development and testing community who share a passion for both disrupting and modernizing software delivery. Last week at STARWEST, I got to learn about the incredible team at LogiGear, how they’re tackling one of the biggest challenges in software testing today, and why the new Skytap/LogiGear partnership is so exciting.

LogiGear CTO Hans Buwalda has been in the software testing field for more than 20 years. He’s the original architect of their action-based and keyword-driven test automation frameworks, and helps lead LogiGear’s efforts to assist customers in scaling their test automation initiatives.

In his sold-out STARWEST tutorial, Buwalda went over the benefits of domain-specific language approaches to scaling test automation — noting that these approaches aren’t limited to those doing Agile or DevOps, nor are they limited to certain tools.

Slide from Logigear CTO Hans Buwalda's tutorial, "Test Design for Better Test Automation"
Slide from Logigear CTO Hans Buwalda’s tutorial, “Test Design for Better Test Automation”

I love how LogiGear’s guidance for scaling test automation is all about making it “equally accessible” to development and test teams and other stakeholders as well, for “readability and ease of use.”

This is exactly what we preach at Skytap — that enterprises must eliminate conflicts over lab resources, copy and share environments freely, and make collaboration a competitive advantage. And we’re not the only ones. DevOps gurus Gene Kim and Jez Humble have labeled an “an automated environment creation process that can build the dev, test, and the production environments all at the same time” as a “prerequisite of performance.”

This is what makes our new partnership with LogiGear so exciting. The whole concept of automating the aspects of testing that bring no value when performed manually gives testers the time to do what they do best, and makes collaboration easy (and secure!) between devs, testers, automation engineers, ops, and end-users. This is what we can bring to the table together.

Partner Spotlight: Logigear/Skytap from Skytap Administrator on Vimeo.

Buwalda started his tutorial by asking: “Who believes that no more than 5% of all efforts around testing should involve automating the tests, and your team should be testing 95% of the time?” This resulted in most of the crowd chuckling and shaking their heads, but Buwalda’s wish was that by the end of the class, perhaps some would begin to see that this is not only possible—it’s being done by teams of all sizes, from startups to the enterprise.

I got the feeling that many in the class left STARWEST with the belief that this goal is at least possible, and I can’t wait to join LogiGear in helping them get there.

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