Product Manager Matt Ayers on Skytap’s Integration with Amazon Web Services

Hi folks, I’m a product manager here at Skytap and I wanted to take some time to talk about our newly-launched support for Skytap on Amazon Web Services.

Since beginning a private beta program last November, we’ve been working closely with our customers who use AWS, and after receiving extensive customer feedback, we are releasing a solution that allows dev/test teams to simply and quickly manage their dynamic workloads running on AWS. This new offering combines Skytap’s ease-of-use and rich auditing capabilities with AWS’s compute power and global reach.

Skytap provides a SaaS solution for development and test teams who require simple, self-service management of complex cloud computing environments with solid team collaboration capabilities. We provide this flexibility and ease-of-use alongside powerful audit and control capabilities for IT and management. Our customers love the speed at which they can define and deploy sets of machines to develop and test their software (and, yes, even work on the occasional bug fix). With this new release, AWS users can now use Skytap to easily develop and test their software on the same infrastructure that they use for production.

More specifically, Skytap on AWS enables dev/test teams to:

  • Quickly create environments ranging from single VM one-box dev stacks to complex multi—VM, multi-network environments
  • Launch complex environments into a VPC
  • Create rich networking topologies through Skytap’s intuitive user interface
  • Provision as many environment clones as needed with just a few mouse clicks
  • Create golden versions of your application stacks and save them off as templates.
  • Schedule the future creation, deployment, and deletion of environments
  • Import existing AWS AMIs to get the right environment up and running
  • Integrate AWS with complementary DevOps and build technologies like Chef, Puppet, Jenkins, and more
  • Improve collaboration with teams by sharing Skytap environment templates

All in all, Skytap’s integration with AWS provides an easy way to spend less time configuring your environment and more time developing software.

For more information or to sign up for a trial please visit:

Thanks and happy coding!

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