Q & A at STAREAST in Florida

The Skytap team had a great time in Orlando this past week at STAREAST. We had a chance to meet and speak with hundreds of professionals about software testing, tools, and technology. Over the two-day EXPO, we talked a lot about how Skytap helps with testing and application lifecycle management. Here are highlights from two of those discussions:

Q: Can Skytap improve the testing process?

A: Yes. Skytap Cloud accelerates your software testing with on-demand development and test environments. We have over 100 frequently used software and virtual appliances available in our library, or you can import any existing virtualized workloads or testing tools. With Skytap Cloud you can self-provision and scale your most complex development and test environments in seconds—plus, you can easily suspend and resume virtual machines, run environments in parallel, and collaborate with your team to create faster release cycles.

Q: How does Skytap integrate with ALM tools?

A: We offer the Skytap Automation Pack for Microsoft Visual Team Foundation Server 2012. This brings together the best of both worlds—providing the scale and elasticity of cloud infrastructure with popular Microsoft ALM tools. [Read the White Paper]

Skytap also integrates with HP’s ALM 11 Suite to enable users to more easily leverage the cloud for development and testing. You can fully test the performance and scalability of applications before they are deployed with HP Load Runner in Skytap Cloud. In addition, you can automatically set up, run, and tear down environments using HP’s Quick Test Pro. Users can also utilize HP’s Application Security Center with Skytap Cloud that simulates cloud or on-premise based attacks.

If you’d like to speak with a cloud specialist about Skytap Cloud and our development and testing solutions, feel free to get in touch. You can also follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn to stay current on the latest Skytap news and product announcements.

News and updates on speaker notes from the conference are likely to show up on the #STAREAST hashtag, so stay tuned: https://twitter.com/#stareast.

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