Skytap Selected By AlwaysOn as an OnDemand Top 100 Private Company

Skytap was selected by AlwaysOn as an OnDemand Top 100 winner last week. The OnDemand 100 is made up of the top private on-demand and SaaS companies that are carving out the cloud computing landscape with fresh and innovative technology.

Skytap has achieved this prestigious accolade for being the leading provider of self-service cloud automation solutions for dynamic workloads. Skytap enables users to run enterprise applications unchanged in the cloud, collaborate securely with global teams, and gain unparalleled business productivity. Additionally, IT organizations can gain visibility and control over cloud projects, align capacity with demand, and reduce costs by 70% or more. Enterprises can securely connect Skytap to their data centers and create hybrid clouds. Skytap is ideal for any dynamic workload including application development, testing, virtual training, application migration and sales demonstration projects. Let’s step through each of these use cases to understand why Skytap is driving innovation in the cloud computing industry.

Application Development and Testing

Developers can create multiple development and test environments and run them in parallel with Skytap Cloud. Test engineers can scale load testing capacity on-demand for a fraction of the cost of on-premise resources making Dev Test in the Cloud with Skytap perfect for agile development and test.

Application Migration

Application architects can use Skytap’s Application Migration Solution to migrate to newer versions of ERP applications, SharePoint 2010 or home grown applications. They can create cloud environments that represent the previous and new versions of the ERP or application so that verification and acceptance testing can be done quickly, efficiently and safely.

Hybrid Clouds

IT professionals can easily create virtual data center configurations in the cloud and connect them to corporate data centers with 2-Way IPSEC tunnels. This is the Skytap Hybrid Cloud model. They can customize the hardware, software and network settings and easily move dynamic workloads to the cloud and back to their data centers privately and securely.

Virtual Training

Software training managers can create hands-on training classrooms for multiple users and publish them over the web leveraging Skytap’s virtual training solution. Managing multiple classrooms with “over the shoulder” views is a snap and Training managers can change the configurations on-demand and deploy them instantly.

Sales Demos / POC’s

Using Skytap, sales engineers and consultants can set up multiple software demo and proof of concept environments and can easily configure and manage those environments concurrently. The Skytap sales demo solution can provide over the web access to clients without relying on the client’s hardware or IT team.

– Nate Odell, Director of Marketing / Skytap

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