Getting to Know Ada Developers Academy Graduate Brandi Wilson

Here at Skytap, we take every opportunity we can to promote and help support Ada Developers Academy, a local non-profit software development school for women. Ada is tuition-free and places the school’s graduates in a five-month internship at one of Seattle’s amazing software companies. We’re beyond proud to sponsor Ada Developers Academy and to have

Why Skytap is Proud to Sponsor Ada Developers Academy

Skytap is proud to be a new sponsor of Seattle’s Ada Developers Academy. Learn how the group started, and how you, too, can help them help so many succeed! Noel: First off, thank you Karen for sitting down with me today. We’re so excited about our new sponsorship of the  Ada Developers Academy. Would you

Working to Narrow Seattle’s Software/Tech Gender Gap

Special thanks to Skytap’s Jill Domanico, Jewel von Kempf, Michele Costello, and Kat White for their contributions to this piece and our efforts to increase diversity in our own office and Seattle as a whole! When thinking of the reasons why it’s an awesome time to work at Skytap, there are tons that come to

Skytap, Devops, and the British Invasion

It’s official; Skytap has officially expanded into Europe! We’ve got outstanding boots on the ground with Chris Griggs, our new VP of Europe Middle East and Africa (EMEA), and Rick Cronin, our new Technical Director – both based in our new EMEA headquarters in London. Chris and Rick have extensive experience of having worked in

The Joys of Continuous Disruption at Skytap

One of our collective goals for 2015 is to really up our hiring and recruiting efforts in every department here at Skytap. As a colleague wrote earlier this year, this office is brimming with creative, contagious energy, and with a fresh round of funding to close out 2014, we’re scaling on a personnel level right
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Careers@Skytap Videos: When Hiring, Never Overlook the Passion

As you might know by looking at news of our recent funding round, and Skytap bringing in Jill Domanico as VP of Talent, hiring the right people is absolutely essential to our growth plans. Since we’re surrounded by cutting-edge cloud companies here in Seattle looking to grow as well, good talent is in high demand.

Skytap’s New VP of Talent Ready to Share “Seattle’s Best Kept Secret”

Skytap’s new VP of Talent has fascinating stories to tell and some outstanding advice for landing a job in one of the most competitive software development markets in the world—Seattle. Jill brings a wealth of experience to Skytap and will play a key role in our search for top talent looking to make a real

I Am a Specialized Automation Tester—Hold on, Where Do I Draw a Balance?

The article below was originally published by Rajini Padmanaban on the fantastic QAInfoTech blog. ​In any discipline, a specialization is most often considered valuable and has a premier status attached to it when compared to a generalized body of knowledge. For example, a cardiologist has a more specified focus than a general physician, an architect

The Collegiate Cloud: An Interview with Ferris State University’s Amy Buse

Ferris State University (FSU) is an accredited state university located in Big Rapids, Michigan, offering multiple computing degree plans within its Business/Technology Consortium. The college serves more than 14,000 on- and off-campus students in the region. I had the opportunity to sit down with Ferris State Professor Amy Buse to learn more about how the

Skytap Takes Additional Investment to Fuel Leadership in Development and Test Software Industry

Skytap has experienced aggressive growth over the past several years, and 2013 was record breaking on many counts – including bringing in a new CEO, increasing headcount by 30%, numerous innovations to our dev/test SaaS offering, and expanding our international infrastructure footprint to meet the needs of our growing global customer base. In order to

Video: Nextcast Interview with our CEO, Thor Culverhouse.

Our CEO, Thor Culverhouse, recently sat down with Jeff Dickey from Nextcast​ to discuss his background, career, and vision for Skytap. Nextcast specializes in personal success lessons from technology thought leaders. Excerpt: Thor Culverhouse might have been a professional football player, if a college injury hadn’t forced him to head down another career path. Thanks

A New CEO’s Perspective on the Skytap Community

My name is Thor Culverhouse and on July 1 was appointed CEO of Skytap. While this is my first contribution to the Skytap Blog, I’m a regular reader and I’m anxious to learn more about the Skytap community. Skytap already has over 250 enterprise and mid-market customers, and the Skytap Blog is a helpful forum