The Joys of Continuous Disruption at Skytap

gathering2One of our collective goals for 2015 is to really up our hiring and recruiting efforts in every department here at Skytap. As a colleague wrote earlier this year, this office is brimming with creative, contagious energy, and with a fresh round of funding to close out 2014, we’re scaling on a personnel level right alongside the product we’re providing to businesses around the globe.

We’ve seen a number of new hires come on board this year, and thanks to our recent open house networking event, we’ll soon be adding even more, and with room still to grow! Obviously we’re looking for passionate, driven, and innovative individuals—everyone is—but what I really love is our preference for real disruptors.

I know, that was a lot of tech jargon for one sentence, and for those looking for a laugh, Forbes’ “Jargon Madness” bracket is hysterical and worth checking out. I was pleased to see “disrupt” not even make it out of the first round.

I’ve never been at a company where people, tools, and approaches that encourage continuous disruption were so welcomed, and implemented. It doesn’t hurt that the Skytap product itself is inarguably disruptive to the “traditional” SDLC.

There’s nothing wrong with the status quo, as long as you recognize it as inherently temporary. Any effort or time spent trying to maintain it would be better served trying to improve it, eliminate its waste, or in some cases, completely pivot (jargon!) and look for a more disruptive replacement.

Our marketing team in particular really strives to disrupt the numerous ways we do business. Obviously I can’t share all of our secrets (joining our team is the fastest way to learn them!) but I can say that by continuously disrupting the way we create and distribute our content, we’re going beyond hitting quarterly goals—we’re connecting with our audiences, and helping to solve their problems earlier than ever before.

For every platform, measurement, and process that marketing loves using today, we know that their improved and disruptive replacements are coming, and we can’t wait to try them out.

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