Continuous Delivery of Fully Functional Environments at Skytap (Part 2)

Robust DevOps practice necessitates modular and automatic construction of software and infrastructure. At Skytap, we leverage our own customer-facing services to construct a delivery pipeline that allows engineers in operations, test, and development to collaborate at every point of the software delivery lifecycle (SDLC). We ultimately deliver working clones of our production environment that can

Using the Mesosphere Technology Stack in Skytap Cloud

Skytap recently announced the availability of the Mesosphere Technology Stack template in the Skytap Public Template Library. The Mesosphere Technology Stack is a framework for developers and system admins to build out self-healing, fault-tolerant and scalable solutions on top of Apache Mesos.  You can find out more about Mesosphere at This template allows you

Using Cloud Foundry v2 in Skytap Cloud

On August 28, 2013, Skytap announced the availability of the Cloud Foundry v2 template in the Skytap Cloud Public Template Library. This template includes the following virtual machines: A Cloud Foundry v2 node preconfigured with the Cloud Foundry v2 command line interface (CLI), a defined organization, spaces, domain, and a running application. A Cloud Foundry

Video Tutorial: Skytap Templates and Configurations

​Templates are the starting point for all new configurations within Skytap Cloud. Think of them as ‘read-only blueprints’ for configurations. A template can be as simple as a single virtual machine, or as complex as an environment with dozens of virtual machines and multiple networks. Every Skytap customer has access to a variety of public

The Best of 2013 (So Far)

As we pass the midpoint of 2013, we’re revisiting the most popular content on the Skytap blog. Across the cloud computing industry as a whole, people wrote about things like why application development is better in the cloud, the different value propositions of public, private, and hybrid cloud solutions, and the variety of concerns relating

User Support Series: Cloudera Hadoop Cluster Public Template

In this entry of the User Support series, we’ll take a look at the Cloudera Hadoop Public Template. You can find information on all Skytap public templates by navigating to or by clicking on the ‘Skytap Public Templates’ link from the Help Wiki Sidebar (shown below). Cloudera Hadoop is easy to install, 100% open

Using the Skytap Cloud Command Line Interface VM Template

In the April 2013 release of Skytap Cloud, we announced the availability of the public beta Skytap Cloud command line interface (CLI). Documentation for the Skytap Cloud CLI is installed along with the Skytap Cloud CLI itself, but I’ll run through the basics and offer a few tips in this blog post. Using the CLI

Getting an Integration Back on Track in 90 Seconds—Cloud Style

Building integration packs often requires that partners work closely to bring their products together. However, trying to get both parties together on a schedule can be tricky. Any hiccups along the way can quickly evolve from a few hours of lost time into a seriously long delay, which equals a ton of time in lost

New Windows 8 Enterprise x64 and Windows Server 2012 Templates

We recently added a couple of new templates to the Skytap Cloud public template library. The first template is a new Windows 8 Enterprise x64. This is an x64 template to go along with our Windows 8 32-bit template. So while you may have been waiting around to see what’s what before trying Windows 8,