Video Tutorial: Skytap Templates and Configurations

​Templates are the starting point for all new configurations within Skytap Cloud. Think of them as ‘read-only blueprints’ for configurations. A template can be as simple as a single virtual machine, or as complex as an environment with dozens of virtual machines and multiple networks.

Every Skytap customer has access to a variety of public templates that enable them to create configurations without having to import a pre-existing virtual machine.

In addition to basic public templates, Skytap Cloud also offers a number of complex public templates—each of which feature multiple virtual machines, networked together, in order to create specific development or production environments.

Developers also have the option of importing their own virtual machines into the template library.

For the full tutorial, watch the video below.

You will find our full video library on our YouTube Channel. If you have additional questions about virtual machine access, you can access Skytap documentation online or contact Support directly.

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