User Support Series: Guide to the Dashboard

In this edition of the user support series we’re going to walk through the Skytap Dashboard. The dashboard was recently redesigned from the ground up. We focused our efforts on crafting a great user experience with a new navigation structure a refined look and feel. Getting Started Widget The Getting Started widget features how-to videos

Using the Skytap Virtual Machine Metadata Service

On August 6, 2013, Skytap announced the availability of a Skytap metadata service that allows access to Skytap-specific virtual machine (VM) metadata from within a running VM. This allows you to leverage information about a running VM from a command line, application or script running within the VM itself. Additionally, this metadata service also introduces

Video Tutorial: Skytap Templates and Configurations

​Templates are the starting point for all new configurations within Skytap Cloud. Think of them as ‘read-only blueprints’ for configurations. A template can be as simple as a single virtual machine, or as complex as an environment with dozens of virtual machines and multiple networks. Every Skytap customer has access to a variety of public

Video Tutorial: Accessing Skytap VMs via SmartClient

When you access a VM using SmartClient, a window will launch displaying the login screen or desktop of the Guest OS. This operating environment will take up almost the entire window. The only other element will be the SmartClient toolbar, which overlays the OS at the top of the window. This is the primary way

User Support Series: Network Address Translation

In this edition of the User Support Series, we’ll take a look at the documentation for Skytap Cloud’s new Network Address Translation (NAT) functionality.​ As described in the blog piece Dynamic Network Management by Seth Payne, NAT makes it easy to connect many networks together without having to worry about subnet overlaps. Of course, before

User Support Series: Cloudera Hadoop Cluster Public Template

In this entry of the User Support series, we’ll take a look at the Cloudera Hadoop Public Template. You can find information on all Skytap public templates by navigating to or by clicking on the ‘Skytap Public Templates’ link from the Help Wiki Sidebar (shown below). Cloudera Hadoop is easy to install, 100% open

User Support Series: Managing Skytap Cloud

In the Skytap Cloud User Support series, we’re focusing in on sections of Skytap Help documentation. Today, we dive into the Managing Skytap Cloud area, which contains guides for administrators. If you need detailed information about how to setup user accounts, configure reporting and notification options, or manage virtual machines, this section is for you.

User Support Series: The Glossary

In this edition of the User Support Series, we’ll review the Glossary section of the Skytap Cloud Help documentation. This section defines common terms you’ll encounter when using Skytap Cloud. Ever wonder what Samba was, or why a Brazilian dance was showing up in the middle of software help? Have you been confused by acronyms

New Windows 8 Enterprise x64 and Windows Server 2012 Templates

We recently added a couple of new templates to the Skytap Cloud public template library. The first template is a new Windows 8 Enterprise x64. This is an x64 template to go along with our Windows 8 32-bit template. So while you may have been waiting around to see what’s what before trying Windows 8,

User Support Series: Skytap Cloud Basics

In the Skytap Cloud User Support series, we’re taking a close look at sections of the Skytap Help documentation. In this entry, we’ll cover Skytap Basics, which features an array of articles covering every main feature of Skytap Cloud. This will be the first stop for users looking for more information after going through Getting