User Support Series: Managing Skytap Cloud

In the Skytap Cloud User Support series, we’re focusing in on sections of Skytap Help documentation. Today, we dive into the Managing Skytap Cloud area, which contains guides for administrators.

If you need detailed information about how to setup user accounts, configure reporting and notification options, or manage virtual machines, this section is for you.

You can reach the Managing Skytap Cloud section by navigating to, or by selecting Managing Skytap Cloud from the Help Wiki sidebar:

This page provides a stage for five documents, each of which drills deeper into specific areas of critical interest to administrators, as covered below.

Guide to the Admin Section

The admin tab of Skytap Cloud offers a broad array of functionality, management options, and reporting capabilities. Use this guide to get a comprehensive overview of all 13 pages of the admin section, and discover the breadth of admin features offered by Skytap Cloud.

Managing SVM Usage

Skytap Cloud allows fine control of your cloud resources, including Skytap virtual machines (SVMs). This page provides information about features and options that let you monitor and control SVMs, making it easier for you to keep costs under control and maintain efficiency.


Keep current with your resource usage by user, group, or entire account. This page defines the types of notifications you can set and explains how to set them.


Analyzing how users and groups are using Skytap Cloud resources can give you a better understanding of how you’d like to manage resources and set quotas going forward. This document explains the sorts of reports you can generate, and provides detailed information about how to create and export customized reports.

Using Single Sign-on in Skytap Cloud

Skytap has implemented optional single sign-on support to allow administrators to enable users to log in to their Skytap Cloud account with the same credentials they use for other SaaS products. Access this page for more about this feature and how to implement it.

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