User Support Series: Guide to the Dashboard

In this edition of the user support series we’re going to walk through the Skytap Dashboard. The dashboard was recently redesigned from the ground up. We focused our efforts on crafting a great user experience with a new navigation structure a refined look and feel.

Getting Started Widget

The Getting Started widget features how-to videos and documentation to assist new users in working with Skytap Cloud. By default, this will open to the Videos panel, which displays an array of regularly updated how-to videos for our most common use cases, including building a configuration, saving it as a template, and accessing a VM’s desktop.

Usage Widget

The Usage widget displays how many SVM hours and storage you have available, as well as how many Concurrent SVMs are currently in use. In addition to listing how much of each resource you have left, the widget’s bars provide a graphical display of the percent of your title limit that is available.

Recent Items Widget

The Recent Items widget lists recently used configurations, templates, and projects. The widget displays the 10 most recent items of the type you’ve selected, with the most recent appearing at the top of the list.

Account Settings

The Account Settings was recently redesigned to take up less space. There is a button to take you directly to your Account Settings, as well as a drop down that reveals other options, such as your login name and links to the ‘What’s New?’, ‘Contact Support,’ and ‘Sign Out’ pages.

If you need further answers after reviewing the Guide to the Dashboard, feel free to contact us at

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