Video Tutorial: Accessing Skytap VMs via SmartClient

When you access a VM using SmartClient, a window will launch displaying the login screen or desktop of the Guest OS. This operating environment will take up almost the entire window. The only other element will be the SmartClient toolbar, which overlays the OS at the top of the window. This is the primary way to control and customize your SmartClient experience.

This toolbar will automatically hide after five seconds have passed, but you can hover your mouse over the top of the windows to cause it to pop up again.

The leftmost button of the toolbar (displaying a picture of a pushpin) is the Pin button. By default, the SmartClient toolbar is pinned to the top of the window. Clicking Pin will unpin the bar, allowing the operating environment to take up the entire window. Hovering your mouse over the top of the window will cause the toolbar to pop back up whenever you need it. You can hit the Pin button again to pin the toolbar back to the top of the screen.

To the right of Pin is the VM Selection menu (displaying a picture of a monitor), which allows you to quickly switch to any VM in the configuration. Just select the VM’s name from the dropbox, and the window will shift to the desktop of the new VM.

To the right of the dropbox is a link labeled All VMs. This will take you to the “Multi-VM” view, covered in the next section.

For the full tutorial, watch the video below.

You will find our full video library on our YouTube Channel. If you have additional questions about virtual machine access, you can access Skytap documentation online or contact Support directly.

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