User Support Series: The Glossary

In this edition of the User Support Series, we’ll review the Glossary section of the Skytap Cloud Help documentation. This section defines common terms you’ll encounter when using Skytap Cloud.

Ever wonder what Samba was, or why a Brazilian dance was showing up in the middle of software help? Have you been confused by acronyms like RDP, VM, ICNR, and VPN? You’re not alone, and we can help.

You can reach the Glossary section by navigating to, or by selecting Glossary from the Help Wiki sidebar.

The Skytap Cloud Glossary is an alphabetical list of technical terms and nomenclature that you will encounter when using Skytap Cloud and reading our documentation. Some terms mean different things than you might be used to, as in the cases of the terms publish and region.

Other terms are generally used throughout the sphere of cloud computing, like virtual machine, user account, and FTP. And still others are unique to Skytap Cloud, such as SVM. If you ever have a question about the meaning of a term, visit the Glossary to see if it’s defined. We cover the most common words and technical terms used in our product documentation.

If you’re going to use any tool optimally, you’ll want to have a solid understanding of naming conventions. What you think of as a lever may be called a switch on a new system, so why not get that cleared up from the start?

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