Talking Hybrid Cloud at Agile Dev East

Our team recently returned from the Agile Development Conference in Orlando. The conference provided the latest in agile methods, technologies, tools, and leadership principles from thought leaders through keynotes, in-depth tutorials, and a wide range of conference classes.

Many of our conversations were focused on Skytap hybrid cloud capabilities. While many people aren’t ready to put all of their info in the cloud quite yet, they definitely wanted to give it a try, starting out with a small project.

The majority of visitors to our booth were already virtualized and using VMware, which is perfect for a Skytap solution because we can seamlessly move your environments from VMware to Skytap Cloud. Developers can bring their existing applications, tools, and processes completely intact to Skytap Cloud

People were also very impressed with the fact that Skytap truly provides a point-and-click development and test environment. People shared a lot of their concerns about the length of time it takes get their current environments up and running. Their current times ranged from 1 full day to 1 full week. Since Skytap Cloud environments take fewer than 60 seconds to spin up, there was a significant interest in what we do. The ability to provision complex environments in a short time period was a huge benefit to the people we chatted with, and we look forward to continuing those conversations.

To learn more about our hybrid cloud capabilities, see: New Hybrid Cloud Capabilities Extend Support for Enterprises Running VMware

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