The DevHops Podcast Episode 6: DevOps Practices for Systems of Record

It’s time for another episode of the DevHops Podcast! While at the 2015 DevOps Enterprise Summit—check out our recap of the entire show—Skytap DevOps consulting manager Kelly Looney and I recorded this episode with Accenture agile and DevOps lead Mirco Hering. Mirco was giving his “Adopting DevOps Practices for Systems of Record” session later in the week and we wanted the inside scoop! Micro shared his views on the common areas between systems of record and more modern web applications, and how to make existing legacy systems work better in agile environments.

This week’s episode of the DevHops Podcast is part of our technical series, Scaling Modern Software Delivery. Stay tuned for future chapters where we’ll provide more guidance for your own DevOps and application modernization journeys! 








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