Virtual Training: How to Find Your Easy Button

I recently did a piece for on how training organizations can create scalable, component-based virtual training solutions that will pivot around their specific needs.

For most trainers, life isn’t like a Staples commercial where a big, red “Easy” button can solve complex problems—a problem, for example, like creating a virtual classroom for registered students on demand.

From the article:

If you are like many of the virtual training customers I engage with every week, then your daily work life could not be further from the aforementioned situation. So, how do you create your own “Easy” button?

Based on my experience over the past several years, training organizations can usually be placed into one of two buckets.

Bucket number one is comprised of those that have yet to introduce a formal virtual training option for their customers. This is a team that currently flies a trainer onsite for a minimum number of days/trainees. Your customers are not only passing on additional training due to your minimum requirements, but additional upgrade opportunities are being missed altogether as a result of low adoption. ​

Bucket number two belongs to organizations that have an established virtual training practice, but have been struggling with ways to introduce greater automation—to better align registration with classroom creation, for example. Perhaps, you are an independent software vendor (ISV) who ghosts images in a physical PC lab where GoToMyPC links are emailed out to students a week before class. Adding a student at the last minute is next to impossible and resetting PCs for the next class can take up to four hours.

You can read the full article on the site. And feel free to pose any questions or comments below.

The following is some additional reading on how virtual trainers are gearing up to use cloud solutions:

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