Why “Olympian Aspirations” in Agile Testing Win Gold

Application development and delivery teams are under constant pressure to release quality features as quickly as possible. In fact, CIOs rate delivering applications faster, at a higher quality, and with strong control and oversight as their key priorities.

Meeting the CIOs needs, and those of the business as a whole is obviously not easy, or so many enterprises wouldn’t struggle to consistently deliver innovative releases on time and with fewer defects.

While accomplishing this may require Herculean efforts throughout the entire SDLC, better software faster is far from out of reach for collaborative teams with the right culture, and the necessary technology.

OlympicRingsSkytap senior director of product management Sumit Mehrotra will present his session, “Faster, higher, stronger – Enabling Olympian aspirations of agile testing with the cloud” at the Step-IN Summit 2015 in Bangalore, India, on July 2nd. Skytap will also have a booth in the expo—stop by for a friendly conversation or killer demo!

I asked Sumit to describe why dev/test teams are struggling with the “faster, higher, stronger” mindset of today’s software market and executives and he gave the following example:

Most of us are all too familiar with the quagmire that typically occurs when a critical security vulnerability is reported for an application. In most cases, developers need to stop work on the current release, switch resources to the previous release, fix the issue, test and deploy the new release and then, finally, switch back to the current release. This results in a significant waste of time and resources.

And how is agile testing in the cloud helping teams increase test coverage, while also reducing cycle times and costs?

Dev/test teams that work in the cloud can parallelize development and QA, find and fix bugs earlier in the development cycle and test on multiple versions of their application–all without requiring any changes to their initial application. Hence, slashing their cycle times and costs.

Headed to Step-IN Summit 2015? If so, we encourage you stop by our expo booth and attend Sumit’s session on July 2nd! Can’t make it? Learn more about how Skytap’s environments-as-a-service help agile testing and development teams repair their broken SDLC!


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