“Testing Agility in the Cloud” Featured in LogiGear Magazine

Skytap Sr. Director of Product Management, Sumit Mehrotra, presented his session, “Faster, Higher, Stronger – Achieving Olympian Aspirations of Agile Testing with the Cloud” at the 2015 STeP-IN Summit in Bangalore, India, and when it was all said and done—he took home the award for “Best Technical Track Speaker.” We’ll be releasing a video of Sumit’s

Intervention Coming for “I Hate Agile” Crowd

For all of the conferences held in agile’s honor, and the praise it gets from coaches, evangelists, and companies like Skytap, nobody calls it a silver bullet. But there’s one thing we all agree on—agile is very difficult. Whether looking at the culture change required, embracing the continuous integration, delivery and deployment of code, or

Accelerating Application Releases in a Time Warp Oven

On Wednesdy, August 26th, Skytap and CA Technologies will present a joint webinar, “Accelerated Application Releases in Cloud Environments: It’s Baked In!” where we’ll show how to eliminate SDLC bottlenecks and achieve faster velocity. Skytap’s Jason English will join Tim Mueting from CA Technologies (read his latest CA communities blog about it here) to share

On-Demand Environments and Data – Stay Ahead of the Competition

This piece was written by Tom Pryce at Grid-Tools. Grid-Tools is a TAP partner of Skytap and we’re joining them on July 14th to present, “Testing is No Longer Constrained by Environments and Data.” Join us, or look out for an on-demand recording to follow! In the “Age of the Customer”, every organization is a

Why “Olympian Aspirations” in Agile Testing Win Gold

Application development and delivery teams are under constant pressure to release quality features as quickly as possible. In fact, CIOs rate delivering applications faster, at a higher quality, and with strong control and oversight as their key priorities. Meeting the CIOs needs, and those of the business as a whole is obviously not easy, or so

Passive Quality Culture Leads to “Ticker Shock”

Asking a roomful of testers, “What do software defects really cost?” and then telling them, “much more than you think,” before anyone gets the chance to answer is a pretty gutsy move. It’s certainly one that could’ve easily backfired for Parasoft chief strategy officer Wayne Ariola at last week’s STAREAST conference. It did not backfire,

Skytap Whiteboard: Resolving SDLC Constraints with EaaS

Welcome to the Skytap Whiteboard series, where bold new ideas are sketched out — almost as fast as we make them into reality! Today’s episode, just under 6 minutes, is from our own George Stamos, giving you the quick scoop on how the “drift” between dev/test environments and conflicts over the few remaining available lab resources is
Skytap Whitepaper Parallel Dev Test Cloud 2015

New Whitepaper Pretty Much Says It All

We’ve been covering every aspect of the software development lifecycle here, but this new Skytap paper, “Transform your SDLC with Parallel Dev & Test in Cloud Environments” pretty much covers everything you’d need to know about how constraints in software delivery are resolved in public and hybrid cloud environments. Download a free copy of this