“Testing Agility in the Cloud” Featured in LogiGear Magazine

Sumit Mehrotra, Skytap Sr. Director of Product Management
Sumit Mehrotra, Skytap Sr. Director of Product Management

Skytap Sr. Director of Product Management, Sumit Mehrotra, presented his session, “Faster, Higher, Stronger – Achieving Olympian Aspirations of Agile Testing with the Cloud” at the 2015 STeP-IN Summit in Bangalore, India, and when it was all said and done—he took home the award for “Best Technical Track Speaker.”

We’ll be releasing a video of Sumit’s session in the near future, but in the meantime, he also wrote an accompanying technical article that dives into the 4Cs framework for achieving those olympian aspirations. What is the 4Cs framework exactly?

The 4Cs framework is a set of simple questions that teams should ask when evaluating which tools to implement in an agile software development lifecycle (SDLC) in order to achieve faster releases, with higher quality and optimal costs. The 4Cs are:

  • Configurability
  • Consistency
  • Collaboration
  • Control

This framework eliminates common constraints faced by AD&D teams looking to adopt DevOps practices like continuous integration and continuous delivery, and helps deliver agility in the cloud. Many enterprises today are adopting this framework to help them evaluate the variety of tools and resources in the ecosystem to help them deliver business value faster, with higher quality and lower costs.

LogiGearCoverProving once again that this story is absolutely resonating with the testing community, Sumit’s article was recently chosen as the cover story for LogiGear magazine.

We encourage you to head over to Logigear’s site to learn how the 4Cs framework can help you modernize and transform your testing practices!


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