Intervention Coming for “I Hate Agile” Crowd

For all of the conferences held in agile’s honor, and the praise it gets from coaches, evangelists, and companies like Skytap, nobody calls it a silver bullet. But there’s one thing we all agree on—agile is very difficult.

Whether looking at the culture change required, embracing the continuous integration, delivery and deployment of code, or welcoming late changes to requirements—agile can create tension and new challenges throughout the SDLC that teams struggle to conquer.

On August 26th, at 2pm Eastern/11am Pacific, we’re participating in what should be an awesome panel discussion with some of our favorite companies who definitely love agile, but who are also well aware of its difficulties. Join us for “Seven Things I Hate about Agile and How to Overcome Them, where we’ll each share a common challenge to agile’s disruptive pace of development, and then some expert advice for how to remove the constraints that prevent agile’s benefits from being fully realized.

Whether your teams are dealing with:

  • Manual test data constraints
  • Shared dev/test environment contention
  • Keeping automation in synch with rapidly changing iterations
  • Agile scaling issues
  • IT Ops configuration monitoring challenges


Skytap, Orasi, AppDynamics, Delphix, Grid-Tools (now part of CA Technologies, Inc.), Tasktop, TurnKey, and XebiaLabs have seen all of these before, and are looking forward to providing real thought leadership and solutions that help you turn these agile challenges into wins for you and your customers.

We’ve gotten an outstanding number of registrants for this discussion already, and we hope to have you join as well. Got any additional agile gripes that you’re dealing with? Be sure and send them our way and we’ll do our best to get them covered by our panel!

Register for “Seven Things I Hate about Agile and How to Overcome Them” now!

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