Skytap Whiteboard: Resolving SDLC Constraints with EaaS

Welcome to the Skytap Whiteboard series, where bold new ideas are sketched out — almost as fast as we make them into reality!

Today’s episode, just under 6 minutes, is from our own George Stamos, giving you the quick scoop on how the “drift” between dev/test environments and conflicts over the few remaining available lab resources is not just a quality problem, it is a serious velocity problem. Watch and learn here:

Skytap Whiteboard: Dealing with SDLC Constraints in Cloud through EaaS


By using Skytap EaaS with cloud resources, teams are able to rapidly clone and share exact copies of very production-like environments, and keep them in sync with each other. That’s critical if you are trying to make enterprise teams more agile, despite the complexity that usually comes with managing multiple environments for multiple builds and versions.

There’s no more contention over shared resources, or corruption of someone else’s test data. Everyone can stamp out a copy of the environment they need almost instantly, so development and testing happens in parallel, from pre-production, all the way back through the SDLC, including integration, QA and even developer unit testing.

Enjoy the new video, and let us know if you have any future concepts you would like to hear Skytap express this way.

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