Course Manager by Skytap

Deliver high-performance virtual training and convincing sales demos and proofs of concept with the Course Manager by Skytap add-on.

Expand your training offerings

Deliver instructor-led or self-guided training with hands-on lab exercises for groups of any size. Virtual classrooms can be provisioned in minutes without the need for IT support.

Provide 24x7 training for anyone anywhere

Offer on-demand, global access to training content and high-performance virtual labs, so you can train customers wherever they are, whenever it’s convenient for them.

Reduce training costs

Simultaneously reduce your support costs and scale your training resources to meet customer demand without investing in additional infrastructure or personnel.

Improve training management

Comprehensive administrative tools for full visibility and control of classrooms, with over-the-shoulder access to lab environments for personalized instruction – including support for your LMS.

Launch in seconds

It takes just a few clicks to provision a fresh demo environment from a known state, for a consistent experience every time. The environment can then be tailored to the customer for maximum impact.

Easy custom templates

Easy-to-use templates enable your sales teams to build customized demos for every meeting—without requiring IT support. Custom-branded demo portals provide for a more personalized experience.

Enterprise features for groups

Advanced management features like single sign-on for large groups and auto suspend streamline access and control usage costs.

Get the details

Deliver convincing sales demos and proofs of concept with the Course Manager by Skytap add-on.

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