Skytap Simplifies Application Modernization with New Container Management Solution

SEATTLE – April 10, 2017 – Skytap, Inc., the enterprise cloud, today launched Skytap Container Management, which accelerates application modernization by enabling IT organizations to develop, deploy, and run traditional enterprise and containerized applications together in Skytap’s Cloud. Skytap Container Management combines the power of cloud and containers to modernize enterprise applications frequently confined in on-premises data centers. This new solution delivers full visibility across environments, improving collaboration between development and operations to accelerate software delivery.

Application modernization is critical to success in today’s digital economy. This transformation requires enterprises to evolve IT infrastructure, processes, and architecture. Organizations in every industry need to replace legacy hardware with cloud resources, implement agile and DevOps processes, and adopt new application architectures, including containers. Executing this transition enables faster, safer, and more efficient software delivery, which is the cornerstone of on-demand digital services that customers expect. Skytap Container Management equips enterprises with a single application modernization solution that takes core business applications trapped in data centers to containers in the cloud.

News Highlights
Skytap Container Management enables customers to build, deploy, run, and manage traditional enterprise and containerized applications side-by-side in blended cloud environments. These capabilities broaden Skytap’s support for containerized applications, building on the Skytap Driver for Docker Machine. Skytap Container Management supports a range of container platform and orchestration technologies, including Docker and Kubernetes, allowing customers to use their container technology of choice in the Skytap Cloud. Benefits include:

  • Unified Management: Skytap Container Management gives development and operations teams complete visibility and control over container workloads. Users can leverage Skytap’s self-service, blended environments to clone, suspend, resume, and share these mixed environments in seconds. This unified approach to managing traditional enterprise and containerized applications provides full transparency from initial build through to production deployments.
  • Heterogeneous Integration: Skytap’s open approach to containers gives customers complete freedom to change and evolve IT architectural strategy over time. Skytap Container Management integrates with everything from Docker Swarm to Kubernetes, allowing customers to choose their preferred container tooling and avoid vendor lock-in.
  • Full control over containers: Skytap’s easily configurable container hosts allow IT teams to ensure environments throughout the software development lifecycle match the same OS, patch level, virtual hardware settings (CPUs, RAM, disk), and container runtime versions that run in production.

Supporting Quotes
“Much like the enterprise shift to the cloud, container adoption is also accelerating. However, there remain significant barriers to both these transitions. The fact is the majority of core business applications were not developed for cloud infrastructure or architected for containers. Skytap Container Management solves these challenges by making it easy to lift enterprise applications into the cloud, modernize these applications with container technology, and then manage both traditional and containerized applications side-by-side.”
— Brad Schick, CTO, Skytap

Learn More
Skytap is running a live webinar at 9:00 am PT on April 12, entitled, “Spring into Containers: Bring New Life to your Old Apps”. The webinar will demonstrate the new Skytap Container Management solution and its capabilities for migrating enterprise applications to the cloud and then modernizing them with container technologyRegister.

Skytap is hosting, “Docker, DevOps, and Reality: A Panel Discussion” at 5:30 pm on Wednesday, April 19, at DockerCon in Austin, TX. The panel will explore the challenges, benefits, and best practices for running containers in production. Skytap’s director of DevOps consulting, Kelly Looney, will moderate the panel featuring Deepak Giridharagopal, CTO, Puppet, Lin Sin, Senior Software Engineer, IBM Cloud, John Morello, CTO, Twistlock, and Dan Jones, Director of Product Management, Skytap. The panel takes place at Max’s Wine Dive, 207 San Jacinto Boulevard in Austin, just a short walk from the Convention Center. Register.   

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