Deliver Fast, Easy, and Secure Software Training Environments

The increasing demand for virtual training has made delivering high-quality training labs more challenging. With more customers asking for self-paced education options, it is difficult or impossible to provide labs when and where they are needed. Skytap solves the infrastructure and ease-of-use challenges so you can concentrate on delivering the best material possible.

Easy and Global Student Access

Whether students are sitting in the same classroom, scattered around the globe, or working at their own pace, the lab experience needs to be simple to use and frustration-free. With Skytap, on-demand virtual training labs offer:

  • Access into single or multiple machine lab environments via a simple HTTPS link
  • HTML5 access into x86 virtual machines, requiring no software or plugin installation by the students
  • Two-way audio streaming via RDP
  • Multiple global data centers to provide reduced latency for remote learners
  • Bandwidth profiles to drastically reduce data rate requirements
  • Built-in, over-the-shoulder access for instructors to see what the student is seeing
  • LMS integration with leading providers, enabling seamless delivery of content and labs

Reduced IT Burden and Costs

Training lab infrastructure owned by IT often becomes the main bottleneck for training groups. Skytap removes many of the dependencies on IT while still providing them visibility and control using:

  • A point-and-click interface that makes creating virtual classrooms and labs easy and intuitive
  • Direct import of VMware assets to prevent reconfiguration or re-architecting of labs
  • Two-click access to provision new virtual classrooms or labs
  • Subscription-based pricing with bursting capabilities, delivering a predictable spend without always having to pay for the busiest times of year
  • Nearly unlimited compute resources to be able to offer more classes

Self-Paced and On-demand Labs

Running on-premises lab infrastructure owned by another organization makes offering on-demand, self-paced virtual training labs difficult at best. Skytap helps answer customers’ calls for self-paced learning by providing the necessary cloud infrastructure and integrations:

  • Powerful REST API allows for easy integration into existing processes and tooling
  • LTI support provides direct embedding of on-demand virtual training labs into LTI-compliant tools and platforms
  • Lab scheduling and access control timeframes keep control of lab costs and expected student timelines
  • Auto-suspend of labs when not in use preserves student progress while keeping costs down

Faster Training Delivery

The business keeps asking for more to be delivered with the same or fewer resources. Skytap helps to optimize the delivery of virtual training labs by:

  • Providing a centralized repository of existing lab and classroom templates that are ready to be provisioned in minutes
  • Making multiple versions of labs easy to maintain across multiple data centers
  • Running as many training labs in parallel as needed
  • Using projects and role-based access to facilitate lab creation, maintenance, and delivery of lab content

Key Features

Lab infrastructure should not slow down or hinder how training is delivered. The Skytap cloud has everything you need to remove the bottlenecks in your virtual training lab delivery, improve the end-user lab experience, and fully enable self-paced training labs.

HTML5 Guest Access
Eliminate the need to install clients or plugins

Sharing Portals
Provide highly configurable access to environments through a single URL

Suspend entire environments to preserve memory, disk, screen, and network state

Time-Constrained Access
Limit shared access to environments to specific times of day, up to a configured day, or for a set amount of time

Don’t pay for cloud resources when they aren’t being used

VMX Imports
Directly import VMware virtual machines and vApps, allowing for fast application onboarding

Predictable Spend
Allow for easier IT budgeting with a subscription approach to cloud

Get seamless connection to Skytap within third-party systems with Learning Tools Interoperability

“Highly skilled partners who leverage our self-paced training generate several times more revenue than their peers.”Shannon Jones
Sr. Manager, Technical Enablement, IBM

Blackboard Learning Labs

Blackboard Learn, when used with virtual training labs powered by Skytap, enables hands-on software labs to be seamlessly associated with courses in a class catalog. This integrated solution delivers an on-demand learning management experience that scales to meet the growing needs of the modern education services business.

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