Three Reasons Why DevOps and the Cloud are Perfect for Business Success

Original Post Can be found on ReadWriteWeb.Com here. Night and day. Science and art. 1s and 0s.  For years now, software development teams and operations/system administrators have maintained this kind of yin and yang duality, pushing each other in opposing, but complementary, directions.  We’re all familiar with the dynamic of the IT department. Typically, the

New Features Coming to Skytap Cloud

There are some new and exciting things coming to Skytap Cloud. We are constantly gathering feedback from our customers to help drive our innovation at Skytap. In our upcoming May Release new features targeted include: Large Sized Virtual Machines Users will now have the ability to run applications that have either heavy computational requirements, extremely large

EarthSoft Uses Skytap Cloud For Training and Help Desk Support

EarthSoft uses Skytap cloud computing for Training and Help Desk support. In this Office Hour, EarthSoft CTO Dr. Mat Weaver demonstrates how Skytap helps EarthSoft and our clients. Skytap provides cloud environments from the ground up, so users can start immediately, scale as required, and de-provision resources that are no longer required.

A Cloud Mashup is Greater Than the Sum of its Parts

With Cloud Computing being offered by a variety of vendors to solve a range of problems, now more than ever it is very easy to combine clouds to solve your unique problems. Attempting to shoe horn your needs into one particular cloud offering that happens to solve one problem well and trying to apply it

3 Critical Questions to Ask Regarding Cloud Security

One of the biggest barriers to Cloud Computing adoption is security…as it should be. When evaluating applications and/or use cases to move to the Cloud, one must ask themselves three fundamental questions. First, does the use case that I want to put in the Cloud make sense from a security perspective? Second, will the data

Skytap Selected By AlwaysOn as an OnDemand Top 100 Private Company

Skytap was selected by AlwaysOn as an OnDemand Top 100 winner last week. The OnDemand 100 is made up of the top private on-demand and SaaS companies that are carving out the cloud computing landscape with fresh and innovative technology. Skytap has achieved this prestigious accolade for being the leading provider of self-service cloud automation

Cloud Freedom or Cloud Control? Why Not Both?

Let’s face it. As users, we all love the cloud model.  Cloud enables us with self-service freedom, on-demand resources and pay-as-you go flexibility. In a matter of minutes we can get access to cloud resources without too many constraints. That freedom leaves users wanting more. The proof of this adoption is evident in both market

Five Must Haves For A Successful Hybrid Cloud Implementation

Businesses have spent millions of dollars to create optimized data centers that contain important business policies and corporate data. At the same time, functional users are racing to adopt the cloud model for application dev/test, migration, training and IT sandbox purposes. IT leaders are often faced with the pressures of enabling users with cloud based

Software Enabled Development Lifecycle (SDLC)

Anyone who develops and tests software is all to familiar with the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC).  In general this is the process for developers developing applications, checking out their code into a repository, and then checking it back in. Later in the lifecycle, Quality Assurance (QA) teams take these builds and install them into

Desktops in the Cloud

There has been a lot of talk about the virtualization of desktop’s in the last 12-18 months. More specifically corporate America has moved more to a best practices approach of centralizing desktops on a series of virtual machines so the end user can access their “corporate desktop” computer utilizing an older PC, home PC, or

2011 Predictions for Cloud Automation Market

​2010 has been the year of early adopters for the cloud automation market. IT savvy users in development, test, training and sales functions adopted the cloud model to accelerate application lifecycle management. With recent innovations in usability and self-service capabilities, functional users in consulting, training, and sales demo areas are becoming the direct, empowered consumers of

It’s Good to Be a Skytap Customer

Last week we announced that our Skytap Cloud virtual training solution continues to achieve strong customer traction. We are fortunate to have market leaders such as Binary Tree, Nuance Communications and Perforce giving rave reviews of Skytap Cloud. In many organization’s training is an important step in the overall application development lifecycle, which includes development,