The Cloud Foundry Open Source Project and Skytap Cloud

Cloud Foundry recently released a great piece of video from this year’s VMworld. In it, Andy Piper from the VMware Cloud Foundry Developer Relations Team talks with George Stamos, Cloud Solutions Architect from Skytap.

They discuss one of our recent product announcements: A virtual private Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) solution that features the ability to spin up pre-configured, multi-VM Cloud Foundry environments in Skytap Cloud.

By using a secure VPN connection from Skytap Cloud to on-premise infrastructure, enterprise IT and development teams can have instant, on-demand access to a secure, self-contained, network-isolated Cloud Foundry environment to experiment, develop, and test next generation applications. Complete Cloud Foundry environments running in Skytap Cloud are instantly shareable for collaboration; can be built-out to include complex, multi-machine, self-scaling environments, and can be instantly saved as re-usable templates. Cloud Foundry environments can easily be scaled up and down on-demand via the Skytap web interface or REST-based API. Customers can also easily export their entire Cloud Foundry environment from Skytap Cloud to run it in their own on-premise enterprise data center.

Essentially, it’s a private cloud running on ESX virtualization. Our engineers have taken the whole Cloud Foundry open source project, enabled all of those languages, and created a broad range of tools for developers.

As George explained to Andy, “Under the hood it’s all ESX and can be used for a wide variety of use cases, including development and test, virtual training, and POCs. If you have a complex application stack that you want to broadcast out in some capacity, you can do that easily with Skytap Cloud.”


Andy Piper of Cloud Foundry chats with George Stamos from Skytap.
Andy Piper of Cloud Foundry chats with George Stamos about Skytap Cloud.

If you’d like to speak to a cloud computing expert about our Cloud Foundry templates in Skytap Cloud, feel free to get in touch. And for a more in-depth look at our ESXi capabilities, download our white paper: VMware ESXi in a Cloud-based Lab.

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