SharePoint Development and Testing at SPTechCon San Francisco

​The Skytap team recently returned from SPTechCon in San Francisco—the conference for SharePoint administrators, IT professionals, business users, and developers who want to take advantage of technical classes, tutorials, and discussions with experts in the field.

Several people who visited our booth and wanted to understand the ways in which Skytap Cloud could help accelerate SharePoint development and testing. Skytap Cloud contains a SharePoint farm public template that contains a pre-configured complex SharePoint environment that distributes SharePoint resources across multiple VMs in a classic 3 tier architecture: the web tier, the application tier, and the database tier. With the click of a button you can deploy this environment in fewer than 60 seconds.

In addition to development and test, Skytap Cloud also helps with SharePoint training. You can use the SharePoint farm as a demo or training environment to deploy your SharePoint products—like custom sites or webparts—to demo or train your customers on your product.

We were able to get several folks taking a Skytap Cloud tour and put them in touch with a cloud specialist for any questions they might have.

If you missed us at the conference, feel free to get in touch any time to talk about our SharePoint solutions.

Next Month:

April 11: Skytap will be at CAMP IT in Chicago to participate in Cloud Computing Strategies: The Next Generation.

April 29 – May 3: Skytap will also be at StarEast in Orlando for ‘Tune In to Innovative Testing.’

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