STARWEST 2013 Recap

​The Skytap team recently returned from STARWEST in Anaheim, CA. STARWEST is the premier software testing conference for software testers and quality assurance professionals. Over the two-day expo we got the chance to speak with hundreds of professionals about their development and testing environments.

The consistent message we heard was that development and test teams do not have enough time or resources. At the Skytap booth, we were able to show how our cloud solutions can help. Here are the top five ways Skytap Cloud can assist your dev/test process:

  • Instant self-service to on-demand multi-tier virtual hardware and software configurations
  • Deploy version controlled software stacks managed as a secure library for consistency across the development, build, and test cycles
  • Build “gold master” templates and stamp out identical complete configuration for dev/test projects
  • Secure remote access from any browse or device using SmartClient
  • Automate complex operations with Skytap Cloud’s REST-based API

If you missed us at STARWEST, make sure to catch us at our next event, or get started on your own with a Skytap Cloud tour.

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