Top 3 Conversations We Had at the Recent Gartner Summit

Our team recently returned from the Gartner Application Architecture, Development & Integration Summit in Las Vegas. This year, the summit featured a new mobile track, deep coverage of cloud recommendations, and a complete track on innovation for developers and another on growth and innovation—all designed to help IT professionals stay competitive and deliver the new capabilities today’s users demand.

At our booth, we met with many people who had questions about public, private, and hybrid clouds. We wanted to share the most common topics and questions, along with our answers.

1) We need to extend our existing on-premises infrastructure. Can you tell me more about your hybrid cloud offering?

When we talk with people in IT, we find that many enterprises aren’t ready to put everything into a public cloud. Many companies we speak with are looking for a solution to compliment and extend their existing on-premises solution. With Skytap Cloud, you can easily do this by creating a secure IPsec VPN connection. A hybrid cloud solution gives you the benefits of both the flexibility of a public cloud and the security of a private cloud. In August, we announced new hybrid cloud capabilities that extend support for enterprises running VMware. And just last week, we launched new AutoNetworks and CloudControl capabilities that further enable secure hybrid clouds

2) I work with a large dev/test team that needs to work together on specific projects. It can be difficult to have visibility into what each team member is doing. Does Skytap offer any solution to this?

With Skytap you can create user groups, assign specific roles within projects, and assign different access levels. Members of projects can share configurations and templates specific to their roles, which allows collaboration across all departments involved. And with Skytap Cloud, you have the ability to share bug snapshots across teams for accelerated bug resolution.

3) I need to accelerate my application development and test cycles. Can Skytap help me with that?

Skytap is a scalable, on-demand cloud environment. That means you can set up multiple configurations and customize each one to your specific needs. You can run multiple configurations in parallel and easily tear them down when needs are met. You can also customize the networking, hardware, and storage properties of these configurations and run them concurrently to create parallel work streams.

We also had several conversations about security and the cloud. To view Skytap security and compliance policies, visit the Security section of our site.

If you’d like to discuss your specific business needs with a Skytap Cloud expert, please feel free to get in touch.

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