Your Guide to Replacing VMware Lab Manager

In the wake of VMware’s decision to discontinue vCenter Lab Manager, our new guide examines the benefits and considerations of various replacement strategies.

The guide mentions the risks involved with continuing to use unsupported software, and details how VMware’s recommended replacement, vCloud Director, lacks much of the power and utility of Lab Manager. The guide also explores other options to consider, including vCloud service providers. Skytap Cloud is called out for its low cost, ease-of-use, and AutoNetworks feature for creating a hybrid cloud with just a few clicks.

From the guide:

Many public infrastructure cloud offerings could be a potential replacement for Lab Manager; however, you want to ensure that the solution you choose has a strong feature set. For example, if you are using this solution for virtual training, do they offer options where you can quickly and easily provision new labs? Can an instructor monitor all student screens? Can you make a student’s screen mirror the instructor’s for training? There is a lot to consider, so be sure you are asking all of the right questions to ensure you are choosing the right cloud offering for the job.

Skytap Cloud as a Lab Manager Replacement

In a recent blog series, VMware Expert David Davis discussed his use of Skytap Cloud to build virtual lab environments:

“If you are an existing VMware Lab Manager user, with VMware discontinuing the product, there is no better time to find a replacement. And when you are researching replacements for VMware Lab Manager, I recommend evaluating Skytap Cloud. There are good reasons why infrastructure public clouds are becoming more popular. The flexibility, agility, and scalability give companies (and IT Pros) what they need. Certain providers are ideal options for Lab Manager replacement because they offer the features needed by trainers and developers.”

Skytap runs VMware vSphere but also offers a unique cloud software automation and management layer with virtual lab features. Administrators, developers, trainers, and those being trained all have access to the Skytap Cloud self-service interface and virtual desktops through a web interface.

Download: Your Guide to VMware Lab Manager Replacement.

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