New AutoNetworks and CloudControl Capabilities

Today we announced new AutoNetworks™ and CloudControl™ capabilities for enterprise hybrid clouds. Our multi-VPN capability extends software-defined networking features, and our new Scheduler automates actions on Skytap Cloud resources.


AutoNetworks is our unique software-defined networking capabilities for complex, multi-network, multi-machine environments. With multi-VPN capability, users can create multiple two-way secure connections between their Skytap virtual environments and on-premises servers, or connect a single Skytap environment to multiple geographically distributed on-premises endpoints. Multi-VPN capability provides enterprises with an easy, fast, and flexible way to create secure hybrid clouds.

Multi-VPN is the latest addition to Skytap AutoNetworks, a rich set of functionality that leverages software-defined networking for complex, multi-machine cloud environments. AutoNetworks empowers customers with self-service hybrid clouds as well as advanced network creation, management, and security.

  • For hybrid clouds, AutoNetworks offers the self-service creation and management of multi point-to-point VPN connections via IPsec, one-click network connections from environments to VPN tunnels, and self-healing VPN connections via dead peer detection.
  • AutoNetworks also empowers self-service network creation and management for each environment; automatic management of IP addresses for networks within an environment (DHCP); automatic name resolution services for VMs on a network (DNS); and the ability to customize to use external custom name resolution services (custom DNS) for VMs on a network.
  • Lastly, AutoNetworks enables the automatic creation of network-isolated environments; one-click options to expose environments via public IPs and specific ports; one-click network connections between environments within Skytap Cloud using inter-configuration network routing; and the ability to create multiple networks for multi-tier architectures (e.g., database back-end, web front-end).


Scheduler is our new CloudControl™ feature that allows customers to automate state change operations of Skytap Cloud configurations and templates. Users can create a schedule by choosing the resource in Skytap Cloud that they want to automate, the action to be performed (i.e., run, save, suspend, or shut down ), and the time the action should take place.

For example, customers can accelerate development and testing workflows by scheduling automated unit and functional tests to run nightly; schedule load tests to run during off-peak hours; or schedule daily access for off-shore testing teams. For virtual training, customers can schedule virtual classroom environments to run on the specific days and hours of a recurring training class calendar, or make sure all Skytap Cloud environments are initiated and suspended at the start and finish of each business day. Once a scheduled action is assigned, Skytap users receive automated e-mail notifications when the task has completed. With the automated resource control capabilities provided by Scheduler, customers can increase productivity by eliminating repetitive and manual tasks.

Skytap CloudControl is a set of unique features that provides enterprises with advanced cloud resource management, automated control, and powerful administration. Scheduler is the latest addition to CloudControl, which also includes the ability for Skytap Cloud administrators to assign resource limit quotas for users; set maximum burstable limits; send automated e-mail notifications as quota limits are approached; assign role-based access privileges for all users; create usage reports; enable users to create clones of complete environments; and save complete environments as point-in-time templates that capture memory state and all network settings.

You can read the full Press Release in our News & Events section.

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