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TCP/IP Performance Tuning for Skytap on Azure IBM Power LPARs

This white paper discusses common best practices for tuning IBM Power IBM i and AIX workloads for Skytap on Azure (SOA). One of the biggest challenges organizations have when migrating and running Power workloads in SOA is tuning the TCP/IP stack for both the local (within a SOA) environment and externally either between on-premises and SOA, or between SOA deployments in different SOA regions. This article makes several references to general Azure tuning techniques as well as those from IBM for AIX and IBM i.

Migrate Your Power

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Migrate your Power workloads now

If your company relies on mission-critical applications that run on AIX, IBM i, or Linux on IBM Power Systems in the data center, you may only consider moving these traditional workloads into the cloud when faced with a compelling event.

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Licensing Oracle in Skytap

The sections of this document provide an overview of Skytap’s Power/AIX VM environment for Oracle, education on the principles of Oracle licensing, and how those principles are applied to workloads running on Power/AIX VMs in Skytap.

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