All Onboard: Learn at the new Skytap Academy!

This week, Skytap’s help and documentation team launched Skytap Academy—a new site with free courses that teach you how to build, use, and manage virtual environments in Skytap. Each new training course contains a series of short, 3-to-5 minute videos, along with exercises and links to more detailed supporting documentation from our help and documentation site.

Vagrant at Skytap: The Nick Astete Interview

You saw the recent demo and news about the new Vagrant provider from Skytap. Three new capabilities really set Skytap apart for developer productivity when used with Vagrant: the ability to securely VPN between the developer’s laptop and Skytap public cloud services, rapid syncing of the application stack through a NFS folder on the desktop,

CAN-Toronto Makes Seven Skytap Datacenters

News today from Toronto, where Skytap just launched a seventh cloud datacenter (CAN-Toronto) in Toronto, Canada. Read the press release here: Skytap Delivers New Cloud Datacenter in Toronto, Canada Offers businesses a production-ready Canadian cloud service uniquely optimized for enterprise software development and modernization Besides providing lower latency and less distance to cover for some

New Skytap provider gem for Vagrant: Demo Up!

As the next step of Skytap’s continuing commitment to supporting developers through integration with open source tools and software, Skytap today announced new capabilities with Vagrant to provide management of Skytap environments through your local Vagrant client. Authentication, creation, management, destruction, and even sharing of your Skytap environments can all be controlled through standard Vagrant

Self-Directed Training at CA Technologies

Lots of heat generated by our Virtual Training Lab solution right now at Skytap. A big Training 2016 show going on, a new LMS partnership announced today and more. Sticking to this theme, what makes this CA Education case study so interesting? A global enterprise software company like CA Technologies has hundreds of hands-on classes to offer

Skytap Going Big at IBM InterConnect 2016

With IBM InterConnect only a couple weeks away in Las Vegas (Feb 21-25), we thought we’d give you the inside scoop on all of the places you can find us during the show. Skytap is going to have a huge presence at this year’s event; we’re presenting sessions, unveiling exciting new details about our partnership

The 2015 Skytap Year in Review

2015 was an outstanding year that was filled with exciting releases and expansions, additions to our team, new content, and sponsorships of groups working tirelessly to make the world a better place. We went through the last year of our blog to round up some of our proudest moments of 2015, and we encourage you

Tapping into the Season of Giving with Seattle’s Treehouse

Rather than send out “traditional” holiday gifts to our amazing customers, this year we decided to start a new tradition—giving to a local Seattle charity on our customers’ behalf. Our customers certainly make our lives better, and we aim to do the same for them, so we thought that working together to make a positive impact on

Managing Dev/Test Environments with Ansible Dynamic Inventory for Skytap

We are pleased to announce our latest open-source release – a Dynamic Ansible Inventory for use with Skytap Environments. Ansible is commonly used by DevOps teams to coordinate configuration changes for hosts over SSH (for Linux/Unix machines) or Powershell remoting (Windows). Ansible’s simple approach and ease of integration with existing infrastructure make it an attractive utility

Customer Success Series: Informatica’s Scalable Stellar Customer Experience

We’re presenting a collection of stories on the awesome gains in scalability and efficiency, and reductions in costs and constraints that our customers shared with us at our recent Customer Advisory Board meeting. Informatica senior manager of global education services, Alex Gurevich quickly pointed out one of our favorite qualities of Skytap—that the benefits and

Continuous Delivery Decision Points: Getting Software Safely into Production

Consulting manager Kelly Looney is speaking this week at DevOps Days Detroit. We sat down with him to learn more about his session, and the evolving focus of DevOps that he and others have spotted. Noel: You’ve said that DevOps is evolving from focusing on build automation to full-on continuous delivery. What’s causing that evolution?